About Us

Shree Neelkamal

Shree Shakambhari Agro Foods believes in giving the best premium quality products to consumers. The ingredients used in the manufacturing process are hand-picked and processed with no chemicals or preservatives, and so the core value of our company is quality over quantity. The manufacturing process takes place in a cleansed factory area so that the quality is not compromised and consumers are served with what is best for their health. The company has its roots in the industrial area of Patna, and the factory produces Sattu, Besan, Dalia, etc. The products are sold throughout Bihar and in many parts of India, under the brand name SHREE NEELKAMAL. The motto behind the company is to promote the local brand on the national level and especially make Sattu available to people all over India. In the world where women are taking up the center stage, Mrs. Vijaya Bagla and Mrs. Shobha Bagla, besides being home-makers, came up with the idea of the venture, Shree Shakambhari Agro Foods in January 2017. With the blessings of the family deity, Shree Shakambhari Mata, they took the company to greater heights.

Shree Neelkamal is the brand under which the company looks after the entire process right from production to distribution. The primary objective is to make the best quality and unadulterated food products available to the customers. We at Shree Neelkamal never compromise the quality of the products. Highly skilled workers and automated machinery ensure that the product has the best class and remains untouched. Our products are produced under the supervision of experts and tested in labs from time to time so there is no uncertainty about the quality and freshness of the product. The raw materials used are hand-picked and the resources are utilized to their fullest.

Talking about food safety, we have always been strict on the guidelines issued by the government and worked on the way that leads to building trust and relationships, based on the best quality products. Shree Neelkamal uses world-class technology across all categories of products and does not malign the quality of products. We remain committed to the health and safety of our customers.

The featured product by Shree Neelkamal is Sattu, prepared by dry roasting the best quality chana. The ultimate Bihari dish Litti and Sattu drink are prepared using this product Sattu, and the use of Sattu is extensive in states like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and Uttrakhand besides Bihar. We work in the direction of providing the best and healthy items to our customers.